Emergency Service Center

“Because Every Second Matters”

An accident or medical emergency can happen at any time, anywhere. Be it at home, at the workplace, or on the road, they often occur unexpectedly and without warning. Similarly, acute illnesses are those that have a very rapid onset and in many cases can be serious. As such, first aid and emergency treatment that is timely and accurate can significantly contribute to lower death and paralysis rates.

With the aforementioned in mind, the Pattaya International Hospital’s Emergency Service Center was established with the aim of providing prompt treatment for accident victims or those in critical condition both on site and in the ER.

Our ambulance fleet is fully equipped with life-saving apparatus with on board medical equipment such as oxygen support, suction equipment, saline drips, electrocardiogram, blood pressure monitoring, and defibrillators. Furthermore, emergency medication such as in the case of stroke will ensure that patients in critical condition get the care they need at a time when every second could be the difference between life and death.

Our ambulance staff works closely with a dedicated and talented team of physician assistants, nurses, and patient care technicians to provide primary treatment to patients before and during transportation for secondary or tertiary care at our emergency room.


Our Emergency Service Center is open 24/7

Emergency Center Services

  • Intensive care unit: ICU
    Patients in critical conditions require observation and monitoring, in certain cases 24/7. Depending on the patient’s condition, the ICU is equipped with machines to monitor heart, blood pressure, and respiratory rates as required. Ventilators (breathing machine) are also available to support patients with breathing difficulties.


  • Emergency Operating Room
    A highly qualified surgical team is on hand to provide emergency surgery as necessary. All operations will be performed in our 100% sanitized operating rooms equipped with the latest medical technology to ensure maximum chances of survival.


  • Emergency Pharmacy
    Administration of life-saving medication during a medical emergency requires a high degree of expertise. Our pharmacists are specialists who are able to accurately gauge dosage and effectiveness of medication provided in any given crisis.


  • Emergency Room
    The ER is fully prepared to treat patients with acute medical emergencies from deep lacerations and bone fractures to more serious conditions such as heart failures and stroke.


  • Ambulance fleet 24/7
    The service aims to provide high quality clinical care and health related. Our fully equipped ambulance fleet is prepared to respond to emergency situations 24/7 for the benefit of the Pattaya community and surrounding areas.

Advanced Technology for Crisis Situations

  • Ventilators (breathing machines)
  • Defibrillator
  • Portable radiology unit
  • Ultrasound system
  • Portable C-Arm x-ray machines

For further information, contact the Emergency Service Center

Ground Floor Pattaya International Hospital

Call: +66 3842 8374 (20 LINE) fax: +66 3842 2773
Email: picpih@pih.co.th , picpih@pih-inter.com